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This article deals more with the subject of bicycle manufacturers. For a potential overview of all bicycle manufacturers, see also the list of bicycle manufacturers.

Bicycle manufacturer produce bicycles. However, the vertical range of manufacture is extremely different. Traditionally important manufacturing countries for bicycles and components were - in alphabetical order - Germany, France, Benelux, Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Reynolds tubes from England have long been a guarantee for high-quality bicycles. Since the eighties, new focuses of bicycle manufacture have emerged in Southeast Asian, North American and Eastern European countries. Western European and North American brand manufacturers have some or all of their models manufactured in Taiwan and other East Asian and Eastern European countries. In addition, there are now mainly Taiwanese and, increasingly, Eastern European brand manufacturers.

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Internationally present bicycle manufacturers - "global players" Edit source]

Bicycle manufacturers today often belong to "groups", i. H. they have several product names - so-called "brands". Examples are the Accell Group with headquarters in Heerenveen (Netherlands), Cycleurope AB with headquarters in Stockholm (Sweden), Derby Cycle Corporation in Cloppenburg (Germany) and Dorel Corporation in Canada.

However, other large bicycle manufacturers also operate on the international bicycle market, such as B. Giant, Kona, Merida, Specialized, Trek, Wheeler.

Benelux [edit | Edit source]

Bicycles of all price and quality classes come from the Netherlands and Belgium. When buying a touring or sports bike, make sure that you do not choose any tires ... x 1 1/2, as these tires are very difficult to obtain outside of the Benelux countries. The Dutch bikes are much more robust and durable than other touring bikes, but changing tires on the rear wheel is too much for a hobby mechanic. Since the companies from Benelux cover all price ranges and types of bicycles, it is difficult to categorize them. You can find everything from hardware store cheap bikes to professional racing bikes.

Germany [edit | Edit source]

A number of German bicycle manufacturers produce for the European mass market up to the middle price range (e.g. Hercules, MIFA, Winora). For higher-quality bicycle technology, special companies are created under new labels with the designation of origin 'Made in Germany' (e.g. Bergwerk, Bionicon, Fusion, Rotwild, Storck, Votec). Other bicycle manufacturers make a name for themselves in design, quality control, finishing and sales (e.g. Bergamont, Canyon, Cube, Ghost, Stevens, ZEG).

  • Eagle
  • Anchor works
  • Farmer
  • Biria (was sold to MIFA Mitteldeutsche Fahrradwerke at the end of 2006)
  • Bismarckwerk
  • Brennabor
  • Canyon Bicycles (racing bikes and mountain bikes in direct sales)
  • Cube (pending systems)
  • diamond
  • Dürkopp
  • Enik
  • FirstBike Coertech, Lothar Laflör GmbH & Co. KG (children's balance bike)
  • Vulture works
  • Ghost
  • Goericke
  • Gudereit
  • Hercules
  • HP Velotechnik (recumbent bike manufacturer)
  • iRide-Bikes Bikes from Germany, by bikers for bikers, timeless bikes in direct sales.
  • Kalkhoff
  • Kettler (first aluminum bike for the leisure sector)
  • Krabo
  • Lanz
  • Lehmkuhl
  • Mars
  • LIKEaBIKE KOKUA (first children's balance bike of recent times, made of wood)
  • Miele (before 1960)
  • MIFA Mitteldeutsche Fahrradwerke (MIFA Mitteldeutsche Fahrradwerke AG, Sangerhausen produces items down to the "lower middle price range")
  • Gull bike
  • Müsing
  • NSU
  • Opel (until World War II)
  • Patria
  • Pedersen
  • Prophete (bicycles, scooters and accessories; low-priced items for construction and self-service markets)
  • Puky (children's bikes, balance bikes, children's mobility)
  • Rabeneick
  • radon
  • Rheinfels
  • Riese und Müller (full-suspension touring and everyday bikes, folding bikes)
  • Rixe
  • Schauff
  • Sine
  • Staiger
  • Stevens bikes
  • Storck Bicycle
  • Strike Bike GmbH (emerged from the Strike Bike campaign [1])
  • Trento
  • triumph
  • Utopia Velo (custom made Everyday and touring bikes)
  • VeloDeVille
  • Victoria
  • Winora
  • walker

France [edit | Edit source]

Bicycles of all price and quality classes come from France.

  • Commençal - noble smiths whose headquarters are strictly speaking not in France, but in the sovereign Pyrenees state of Andorra
  • Motobécane - high quality, technically innovative bikes in the middle and higher price range; Bicycles have not been produced under this name in France since the 1990s; but there is a successor company under the name "MBK"; Motobécane (pronounced in French) should not be confused with the US-American manufacturer "Motobecane" (pronounced without the acute accent on the "e" and in English)
  • Peugeot (oldest French bicycle manufacturer)
  • Lapierre

Italy [edit | Edit source]

The mass-produced Italian bicycles are mostly manufactured under various labels in Taiwan. Bikes that really come from Italy are now mostly expensive hand-made products, often still made of steel and lugged, but for some years now they have also increasingly been made of aluminum and carbon. Bianchi is the only major manufacturer that still offers genuine Italian goods in medium price ranges. All of the Italian manufacturers mentioned supply professional racing teams, and some of the top drivers have collector's items tailor-made.

Austria [edit | Edit source]

The Austrian bicycle manufacturers have mainly specialized in the area of ​​high-quality, high-tech bicycles, some of which are custom-made.

Switzerland [edit | Edit source]

Taiwan and Southeast Asia Edit source]

Bicycles of all price and quality classes come from Taiwan and Southeast Asia. The designation of origin 'Made in Taiwan' is no longer synonymous with cheap goods for bicycles. Rather, the high degree of specialization of Asians means that they offer good quality at acceptable prices. Taiwanese companies are now having less high-quality bicycles built in Vietnam and Laos because labor costs are too high in Taiwan.

Great Britain [edit | Edit source]

Bikes of all price and quality classes came and will come from the UK.

USA and Canada Edit source]

The companies from the USA and Canada mainly serve the medium to high-priced mountain bike market on the European market. In recent years, Trek has opened up new markets by buying up European manufacturers (Villiger, Diamant). The core area of ​​trading activity remains the mountain bike sector, even if the success of Lance Armstrong tries to establish the Trek brand in Europe.

American and Canadian mountain bike manufacturers often rely on evolution instead of revolution in the development of their products, which is reflected particularly in the development of the chassis, but also particularly noteworthy in the geometry. This represents the core idea of ​​many manufacturers from the USA and Canada. The best example of this is the manufacturer Specialized, which has continuously developed its legendary and proven FSR suspension system (Full Suspension Ride) over a good 20 years. With the introduction of the Brain damping system, which detects the pedal force of the driver and the shocks from the rear wheel via the rear end, which are caused by the four-bar rear end with Horst-Link and thus minimize the disruptive drive influences. In connection with the attention to detail in the geometry development and the system integration of components, a logical and coherent overall concept is achieved, which was able to achieve an outstanding overall victory in many tests.

Another example is the manufacturer GT Bicycles, which goes its own way with its drive system called I-Drive, which was introduced in 1999. This proven and drive-neutral system is a mixture of single-joint and drive swing arm, in which the bottom bracket sits in a rotating eccentric, which is connected to the main frame via a lever (dog bone). This system works under a chain hoist and ensures pedaling without rocking when pedaling out of the saddle. This has a disadvantageous effect on short successive hits when the pedal is heavily loaded. However, these influences are so small that they are hardly noticeable in operation and the advantages triumph over the disadvantages. In addition, the I-Drive system gives the bikes equipped with it a memorable and unique look, which stands out from the crowd and thus exudes a certain individuality and exclusivity.

Other European manufacturing countries Edit source]

As already mentioned, there is also a shift in bicycle production within the European Union. Due to the influence of the domestic market, the Swiss bicycle production relocated to other EU countries (e.g. Germany, Austria, Spain, Eastern European countries).

Some important component manufacturers Edit source]

  • Campagnolo (Italy - mainly racing bike and high-quality tools, all components)
  • Hayes (USA - disc brakes)
  • LOOK (France - frames, pedals, forks)
  • Magura (Germany - hydraulic brakes, forks)
  • Marzocchi (Italy - forks)
  • Pletscher (Switzerland - high-quality luggage racks & baskets with a system)
  • RockShox (USA - suspension forks)
  • Rohloff (Germany - chains, 14-speed hub gear,)
  • Selle Royal (Italy - Selle Royal, LOOKIN, Fizik saddles)
  • Shimano (Japan - mass to professional sector, all types of bicycles)
  • SRAM (USA - hub gears - formerly Sachs and components)
  • Suntour (Japan - suspension forks, cranksets)
  • Sturmey Archer (Great Britain - hub gears, formerly also hub dynamos and drum brakes)

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