How to clean the Scan Shell 800r scanner

  • Plug in the power cord and turn on the scanner.

    See Turning On the Scanner for more details.

  • Open the ADF.

    For more details, see Opening the ADF.

    Perform the following steps with the ADF open.

    Opening the ADF may close it. Be careful not to pinch your fingers.

    Hold the ADF open with your hands. When you let go of the ADF, it will close.

  • Press the [Scan / Stop] button for at least 3 seconds to put the scanner into cleaning mode.

  • Press the [Scan / Stop] key.

    The input / output rollers rotate a certain distance at the same time.

    If you press the [Scan / Stop] button seven times, the pick / eject rollers will make one full rotation.

    Be careful not to touch the rollers while they are being rotated.

  • Hold a cloth moistened with Cleaner F1 or a cleaning cloth against the surface of the rotating input / output rollers and wipe horizontally to remove dirt and dust from the entire surface.

    Please clean the rollers thoroughly, as residues on the roller surfaces have a negative effect on the document feeder.