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  • stub - stands for: as a colloquial short form for cigarette butts Persons: Friedrich Stummel (1850–1919), German artist This page is a clarification of terms to differentiate between several ... German Wikipedia

  • stub - Sm std. (14th century) root word. Noun of mhd. Stump, stumbel, ahd. Stumbal mutilated. Apart from Germanic, lit. stimbur's tail stub is compared, the other clan of which indicates that the designation motif should not be shortened from…… Etymological dictionary of the German language

  • stub - Stub, 1) a thing which is only briefly or partially broken off; 2) a short piece of field, especially if it is between two larger pieces; 3) a pipe bowl made of wood or meerschaum, which is set up in such a way that it can be found in the ... ... Pierer's Universal Lexicon

  • stub - (the)… Kölsch dialect lexicon

  • stub - Stummel: The noun mhd. Stumbel (corresponding to ‹m› Dutch stommel »rest piece, stump«) is based on the noun adjective ahd. Stumbal »mutilated« and is related to the words discussed under ↑ Stumpf. Note the ... ... the dictionary of origin

  • stub - bit * * * stum | mel [ʃtʊml̩], who; s, (coll.): Remaining short piece (of a smaller elongated object): the stub of a cigar; the candles have burned down except for short stubs; with the stub of a pencil ... ... universal lexicon

  • stub - the stub, (upper level) short, leftover remnant of an elongated small object Examples: He threw the stub of the cigarette on the ground and kicked it out. There was only a short stub left of the colored pencil, which you can call ... ... Extreme German

  • stub - ˈs (h) tu̇məl noun (s) Etymology: German, literally, stump, butt, from Old High German stumbal stump, piece cut off; akin to Old English stæf staff more at staff… Useful english dictionary

  • stub - a) remainder, remaining short piece; (Switzerland., otherwise country.): Stump. b) cigarette butts; (coll.): cant. * * * Stummel, der: ⇨Zigarettenstummel StummelZigarettenstubel, cigarette residue; coll.: Cigarette; Austrian.: Tschik ... The dictionary of synonyms

  • stub - Stụm · mel der; s,; a short piece that is left of something ≈ stump || K: stump tail || K: Pencil stubs, candle stubs, cigarette stubs ... Langenscheidt Großwortbuch Deutsch als Fremdsprache

  • stub - Stubm 1. small, short end piece of a cylindrical body. Belongs to »Stump = cut off piece«. 1500ff, predominantly low; since 1900 it has also advanced to Austria. 2nd small, stocky nose; blunt nose. 1900ff. 3.Penis.Since the 19th century…… dictionary of German colloquial language