Foochow Fishball Pudu Sentral

Fish Ball Noodle is one of the popular dishes to try in Pudu therefore this round we wanted to have it for lunch. Most recommended restaurant to eat Fish Ball Noodle was Taste Of Foochow. We went all the way to Taste Of Foochow without knowing that there are closed on every alternative Tuesday.Pity us !! Therefore we changed our plan to have lunch at Restaurant Bebola Ikan (Non Halal Restaurant), located at Jalan Pudu. They serve Fishball Noodles, Pork Ball Noodles, Porridge, Wan Tan Mee, Fried Rice, Beverage and some other dish choices as well. We were welcomed by the staff at the entrance and he seated us in the 6pax table. It was a bit crowded when we arrived at 1pm and started filling up later on. The ambiance of the restaurant was okay. We ordered Wantan Noodle Dry, Pork Ball Noodle and Fish Ball Noodle.

Wan Tan Noodle was tasty and it was served with Big and meaty Wantan in the complimentary soup. The Wantan Noodle was served with fried onion instead of Shrimp Roe Powder. My boyfriend was a little disappointed with that.

Wonton Noodle (Dry) @ RM 9.30


Fish Ball Noodle was good. It was served with 4 pieces of fishball, few fish cake slices and vegetable. Fish ball was bouncy and has kick of black pepper in it.
Fish Ball Noodle @ RM 8.80

Pork Ball Noodle was delicious and It was served with 4 pieces of pork ball. My sister chooses Vermicelli as her noodle but in my opinion if you wanted to have a delicious bowl of noodle go for Hor Fun as it perfectly match the soup. We can have them without any additional seasonings. A simple bowl of noodles that make a hearty lunch. You have 3 choices of noodle to choose from Vermicelli, Hor Fun and the other one I have forgotten the name. Sorry guys !!

Pork Ball Noodle @ RM 8.80

It was a good lunch but not something to shout about other than their delicious Fish Ball and Pork Ball. Fast service but quite crowded. Price ranges between RM 8-20 for a bowl of noodle depending on what you ordered.

Service Charge: NIL

GST: 6%

No 50, Jalan Yew Off

Jalan Pudu

55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03- 9222 6998