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December 25, 2004 - By YahuShua HaMashiach, Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior - Spoken the word of the Lord to Timothy, for a brother in Christ and for all those who have ears to hear

This is what the Lord says ...
It is written… “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you ”… My son, I am The answer you are looking for, I am The truth you are looking for! Ask me because I am the way! My son, receive from Me, for through My life you are saved!

My son, everything that exists is known to me and everything exists because of me and everything that will be is held tightly in my right hand. Therefore, he who abides in the Lord should dwell in the presence of the Almighty and he will receive knowledge and understanding. In that day he will be perfected in the Beloved and receive the fullness of my spirit and see me as I really am.

But those who remain empty, without the spirit, have to constantly search for me and they will also find me, because I have written all of them in my book. But those who read the word of the Lord must also believe it or how should they know me? Because those who really know me strive to stay in my love. But how can one remain in My love if he does not obey My commandments? Because my favor comes to all those who sincerely and in truth repent and my spirit dwells in those who keep my commandments.

My son, receive from Me, then what you are looking for will become clear ...

Because what you long for you don't understand yet
because the real desire of your heart cannot be found in the world ...
Seek god! And be set apart in The Son.

Once again I say to you, do not search in the world, because there you will not find me, nor search for me in the churches of men, because there you will not find me either. I tell you the truth, the Kingdom of God dwells in you! And what is most important, isn't it written? Therefore do not put your trust in any human being, nor should you rely on human inventions and means, because the things of this world only seduce.

Turn away from those who teach the commandments of men and be apart from all these modern worldviews, for they are poison. Close your eyes to all these pictures on the screens and close your ears to the noise of this world and separate yourself from all these mocking voices.

The evil one is the master of the air at the moment. For every evil seed that is planted in the hearts of men is from the evil one. From the beginning he was a liar and from the beginning he planted seeds of wickedness and sin in My garden, for it is written ... “There is no truth in him. When he tells a lie, he is only doing what is natural to him because he is a liar. Indeed, he is the father of all lies! "

Therefore only accept what is good and what comes from your Heavenly Father. Because God is love and what He sends is spirit and truth. Therefore, all things thought up by people with an evil and sinful heart bring forth the works of evil and they only lead to suffering and death, for from the beginning Satan was also a murderer. But those things that have been grasped by people, whose hearts have been renewed in The Lord and restored in My image, bring forth the works of God and are life! ... They bear fruits of love, compassion and mercy which lead to forgiveness , lead to joy, healing and too much exultation.

And by these things you are to be guided, just as you are to guide those around you in the same way if you choose to walk in the ways of The Lord. But remember ... Those who brag about their own deeds are haughty and seek human glory. Yet those who brag of the Lord's works for you are humble and eager to honor Me. In these the pride is far away. Because those who praise me honor me and those who thank me without interruption have sacrificed perfect praise. Listen carefully to these people because their wish is just and their love genuine ... See, they are looking for the kingdom of heaven and My justice and redemption has become their companion.

So don't worry because you don't have all the answers, nor get upset because you don't fully know the truth. Because the Lord your God is truth, just as I am the truth. Because all knowledge is in the Father, just as I am in the Father and he in me. That is why I am also the answer.

My son, trust me and you will be set free! ...
For it is the humble, repentant man who will see God.
See, let him look at my face
while I restore him to My image ...

Because I am the image of the invisible God
and the perfect reflection of the father,
the face of the majesty from above ... Immanu El.

Therefore open your heart to me and I will step in and transform you and cause the things of this world to lose their shine, so that the light of my truth can shine in you without restriction ...

Let go my son! Come to me like a child! See how simple the simple ones come to Me, but look at the intellectual people, see how they struggle as they move away from Me ... My son, throw away these chains! Because your own thoughts still hold you captive.

Remove yourself from all this thought and worldly knowledge and come to Me empty. Because you do not need to understand my ways in order to receive from me; you just have to accept me as I am and trust. I know how thirsty you are, come to Me and drink! ... Look, I will fill your cup and it should overflow! Because I am the water of life! Yes I, YahuShua, whom you call Jesus Christ, am your Lord and Savior!

Beloved, I have taken your place, I carried the weight of your burden, I carried your sins on the cross! Yes, I died for you, my son! I have washed you in my blood; through my sacrifice you have been made pure! But you have to accept these white clothes; they are my gift to you.

But understand ... A requested gift is not a gift at all, and an imposed gift would never actually be accepted. Therefore confess your sins, for I am He who is faithful in the forgiveness of sins. Accept this gift and embrace Me for who I really am. Give up your life for Me just as I was poured out for you. Dear others, how I loved you.

My son, let the scales fall from your eyes, let the veil be lifted and let the shine of truth shine on you until I come! ...

Because verily, I tell you, your old life must die
your old person must perish
in order to be able to dwell in the sanctuary of The Lord ...

Therefore trust me, embrace my strength
and together we'll start over


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