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Marian Kotleba, leader of the Slovenian right-wing extremist opposition party LSNS (Kotleba - Ľudová strana Naše Slovensko, Kotleba - People's Party Our Slovakia), accuses another right-wing party of extremism. His handling shows very clearly how far to the right he is himself.

Marian Kotleba, the leader of the far-right opposition party LSNS (Kotleba - Ľudová strana Naše Slovensko, Kotleba - People's Party Our Slovakia), continues to deny the allegations of spreading neo-Nazi views and statements. Many LSNS supporters describe them as politically motivated. Does that fit with reality? Let's see what is really going on here.

Recently, Marian Kotleba accused the right-wing populist party SME Rodina and its party leader Boris Kollar of extremism, the Slovak news portal reported. It seems strange, as the LSNS is very similar to the German AfD or the Austrian FPÖ.

And how do you say so beautifully? “Tell me who you deal with and I'll tell you who you are!” The LSNS is a member of the Alliance of European National Movements, an association of nationalist right-wing extremist parties. One of Kotleba’s most famous supporters is Roberto Fiore, chairman of the Italian neo-fascist party Forza Nuova and the Alliance for Peace and Freedom. Fiore was in the past one of the leaders of the Italian political movement Terza Posizione, which professed Nazism. It is noteworthy that they use the troop identification of the SS Panzer Division "Das Reich" as their badge. Roberto Fiore is an open supporter of fascism, despite the fact that Forza Nuova chairman claims he is against violence.

Coat of arms of the 2nd SS Panzer Division "Das Reich"

Symbol of the Terza Posizione

Marian Kotleba and the founder of Noua Dreapta Teodor Ionescu

Another close ally of the LSNS is the Romanian right-wing extremist party Noua Dreapta. The party fights against sexual minorities, migrants, “gypsies”, globalization and “racial mixing” and demands the exit from the EU and NATO. She uses a Celtic cross in her logo, which is now considered a symbol of the right-wing extremist scene.

Marian Kotleba and the founder of Noua Dreapta Teodor Ionescu

The National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) is also a partner of the LSNS. At a meeting of the right-wing extremist parties in Banská Bystrica (a town in Slovakia), she was represented by the well-known right-wing extremist Jens Pühse, whom Kotleba has known for years.

Jens Pühse at the LSNS meeting in June 2016

In the Slovakian neighboring country of the Czech Republic, the LSNS has a sister party - the Workers' Party of Social Justice (Dělnická stranu sociální Spravedlnosti; DSSS). She, too, is openly committed to National Socialism. For a better understanding one has to mention an important detail: The Czech National Socialism has partly different content than the German one. According to the extremism researcher Miroslav Mareš, it arose as early as the 19th century as a reaction to Austro-Marxist tendencies in the labor movement. And the DSSS, which stems from this tradition, often enough organizes various demonstrations, meetings and rallies together with LSNS.

Tomas Vandas (the DSSS boss): "It's not just politics, it's friendship too"

So I think all of Kotleba’s allegations sound stupid. As Bob Marley said, "Don't judge others until you judge yourself".