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Many of our fellow human beings know the problem, maybe even you yourself - constipation. Often it is really a particularly unpleasant feeling when you cannot do your "big business" as you might otherwise be used to. It is not uncommon for pain and major secondary problems to occur here, which can accompany and impair the person concerned for a long time. Many people do not like to talk about such an intimate problem out of sheer shame and do not seek help. A well-known drug can help here - Macrogol dura *.

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Constipation - what is it?

The term constipation conceals an often serious problem. Treatment is often only possible with medication, which is why the Macrogol dura experiences ** are also very positive.
First, you should distinguish which form of constipation it is.
There is acute constipation, which often only arises for a short time and due to certain causes (illness, use of medication, lack of exercise, operations, lack of fluids and others) and for which, in addition to a certain diet and changed lifestyle, only a short-term intake of macrogol is necessary. Various Macrogol tests can confirm this.
Then there is chronic constipation. Here those affected have problems with bowel evacuation over a longer period of time. The causes here can be the same as in acute constipation. In this case, however, it is often organic. Long-term macrogol use is usually necessary for the patient.

How is constipation manifested?

It is primarily associated with an altered emptying of the bowel.
The symptoms can be varied. Many have difficult defecation. That is, the stool changes - becomes hard and firm due to the lack of fluid. The stool can only pass through the intestine with difficulty, which means that it travels through the body even more slowly. This can already lead to discomfort, pain and discomfort.
The emptying of the bowel, the bowel movement that many call it, then causes the next problems. The stool has often become so firm that it can be problematic to sit down. Those affected often have to squeeze and squeeze hard, which can lead to pain and injuries in the external area. Hemorrhoids are often the result of this constipation, and sometimes the constipation goes away with a change in lifestyle. Then maybe it is enough to eat plums or sauerkraut or drink a black coffee.
If those affected move more, eat more fiber, drink more, and consume laxative foods, the condition may improve again.
Sometimes, however, it is also necessary to take laxative medication. There is a lot here that is available over-the-counter in pharmacies. It is important that there is no dependence here, so that the intestine does not become even more sluggish than it already is.
Macrogol experiences ** According to Macrogol is particularly well suited for this, since long-term use of Macrogol rarely causes problems.

Macrogol dura experiences

“The Macrogol dura powder is very easy to take and, above all, it really helps to plan. The effect starts reliably without abdominal pain or cramps. "(Macrogol experience ** on

“This powder is very suitable to get the digestion going and to keep the stool as soft as possible. It works relatively quickly and is easy to take. The taste is also OK and the price-performance ratio is right. ”(Macrogol experience ** on

Macrogol - what is it?

First and foremost a widespread, often prescribed, and salable laxative that is very well tolerated. Macrogol tests confirm this, as can be read on the Internet and in specialist magazines.

It is used in various laxatives, but is also sold on its own. It is a drug that is sold in powder form. Different shapes are available here. On the one hand Macrogol Dura *, Macrogol Kinder and Macrogol 4000.

Ingredients - what exactly is in it?

First and foremost, depending on the shape, a certain amount of macrogol. This also ensures better drainage. We will go into more detail about the exact effect in the later part of the text.
Also included are:
* Sodium chloride
* Potassium chloride
* Sodium hydrogen carbonate
*Sodium saccharineThis composition ensures better digestion and easier bowel movements for the user.

Macrogol dura, Macrogol 4000 or Macrogol children - which is right for me?

Macrogol dura is characterized by the addition of aromatic substances. The prepared drink then tastes like orange and lemon. The “normal” Macrogol 4000 tastes neutral or rather like nothing. For some, the dura is better to take.
Macrogol Kinder was specially invented for children from 5 years of age and is only available with a prescription from a doctor in the pharmacy. It is particularly well tolerated by children.

Effect - how exactly does it work? Macrogol onset of action and when to take macrogol? Macrogol Before or After Meal?

In general, it does not matter whether you take macrogol before or after a meal. Everyone can choose the time freely. For many who are wondering - when to take macrogol, it has proven useful to take it before a meal so that more fluids can be drunk afterwards.
The effect of this powder is quite easy to explain. The molecules in this drug are able to bind water. In the intestine, it is then noticeable that the volume of the stool increases and thus becomes softer. This will make it easier for the person to pass their bowel movements.
The onset of action of Macrogol can vary, depending on the intake and of course the reason for its use. While for some it only takes a few hours to defecate, for others it can take a day or two.
In general, however, one can assume that Macrogol will take effect after 12-48 hours.

Macrogol application - how exactly do I do it? How is it dosed?

Depending on the reason for taking the powder, the frequency is also prescribed by the doctor.
The powder is simply stirred into tap water and drunk. Usually 1 sachet is stirred into 125 ml of water. The solution should be drunk immediately afterwards. If a dose is forgotten, a new sachet must be used.
In acute constipation, 2 or 3 sachets can be drunk daily; in chronic conditions 1 or 2 sachets.
Before an intestinal examination, other dosages prescribed by the doctor apply. Here you usually have to drink several liters in order to maintain the desired condition.

Macrogol side effects and contraindications - what should you watch out for?

As a rule, you should always consult your doctor before taking any medication, including this one. This applies in particular to pregnant and breastfeeding women.
People with diseases of the intestine, such as chronic inflammation or other diseases of the digestive system, such as constrictions in the intestine and an intestinal obstruction, are not allowed to take the drug.
The Macrogol dura side effects are rather low due to their good tolerance. Sometimes users experience gas, nausea, or diarrhea.

How expensive is it and where can I get it from?

It is available over-the-counter at the pharmacy. Sometimes also in drugstores. No prescription from a doctor is necessary, only with the powder for children.
Prices may vary depending on the provider and pack size.
10 bags are already available for 5 - 8 euros, while packs of 100 bags are available for 30 to 50 euros. The pharmacist can advise here. One thing is certain, Macrogol dura is well tolerated. But anyone who suffers from constipation should always consult a doctor first.

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