What every football player needs a cheerleader


In addition to constitutional and health characteristics of the soccer player, the main forms of stress are endurance, speed, strength and flexibility as the physical performance fundamentals. These can be found in football in special football-specific forms.

Endurance is a basic skill for most sports. In football, endurance occurs primarily in the form of basic endurance and a specific endurance. The basic endurance forms the basis for the football player, so that he can maintain his performance over 90 minutes, one also speaks in this context of fatigue resistance. In addition, a pronounced basic endurance promotes the players' ability to regenerate. The ability to maintain endurance performance with constant tempo changes is viewed as a football-specific form of endurance.

The speed is particularly important in the form of acceleration, cyclical speed of movement (e.g. when sprinting) and acyclic speed of movement (e.g. for certain actions such as duels).

The physical property of strength can also be found in football. Mainly in the form of jumping power or shooting power but also in the form of throwing power (throw-in, throw-off).

These three main components result in different hybrid forms, which are also of extreme relevance in football. TheSpeed ​​power (i.e. the ability to apply force as quickly as possible), theSprint endurance (i.e. the ability to complete a large number of maximum sprints during the entire game without a noticeable decrease in acceleration), theSpeed ​​endurance (i.e. the ability to maintain maximum speed for as long as possible) and theStrength endurance (i.e. the ability to maintain strength for as long as possible).

In football, mobility is characterized by specific characteristics of joint mobility, e.g. when shooting. In addition to the mobility of the joints, good elasticity of the muscles is essential in order to maintain the natural movement potential of the muscular skeleton and thus to be able to perform movement tasks in a targeted manner.1

You can see how diverse the requirements for a footballer are.