Verrumal solution, how to use


Manufacturer: Hermal Kurt Herrmann GmbH & Co OHG
Combination of active ingredients: fluorouracil + salicylic acid + dimethyl sulfoxide
Dosage form: solution

prescription only

Please note: The information on the effect generally relates to the active ingredient of the drug and may therefore differ from the manufacturer's information on your drug. If in doubt, please ask your doctor or pharmacist or refer to the package insert for your medication.


Verrumal contains the active ingredient combination fluorouracil + salicylic acid + dimethyl sulfoxide.

The combination of active ingredients is used to treat common warts, flat warts on hands and feet as well as plantar warts on pressure-stressed areas of the soles of the feet.

It should be applied exactly to the part of the body to be treated; Avoid contact with the skin environment. It is best to protect the skin around the application area with zinc ointment or petroleum jelly. If the active ingredient comes into contact with healthy skin, it should be rinsed immediately with plenty of water.

If a skin lesion is not clearly recognizable as a wart, a doctor should be consulted before use.

For the following areas of application of Fluorouracil + salicylic acid + dimethyl sulfoxide more detailed information is available:

Areas of application according to the manufacturer's information

  • common warts (including sole warts on pressure-loaded areas of the soles of the feet)
  • flat warts on arms and legs in children and adolescents

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The drug should be stored at room temperature. Once opened, it can be used for six months. The drug is applied to the affected area of ​​the skin two to three times a day. The surrounding skin should be protected with an ointment. The existing paint film should be removed before each new application. In the case of very large or bulging warts, especially on the soles of the feet, it is recommended that the tissue be removed by a doctor. The duration of treatment is six weeks. If the drug is successful, it should be used for another week.

Pack sizes

Pack size and dosage form

Other ingredients

The medication contains the following non-medicinally active ingredients:

  • Ethanol 100%
  • Ethyl acetate
  • Poly (butyl methacrylate, methyl methacrylate)
  • Pyroxyline