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Menstruation Tips: What Men Can Do To Reduce Pain During Menstruation

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Why don't you buy her tampons and 3 other tips for men whose girlfriend is on their way

"My attitude toward menstruation is like my attitude toward other people's children: I know they exist and I know they are needed, but I don't want to hear about them."

For example, a user on reddit responded to the question of how well men are familiar with their periods. Not all men may share his stance, but ultimately very few have any idea of ​​the subject.

It's okay not to know everything about the female cycle. What many women go through once a month, men just can't understand and nobody asks for that. But one thing should be clear: menstruation can be a lousy asshole. But men can make this phase a little easier for their girlfriend or wife.

Here are 4 tips how you can help your girlfriend or wife during menstruation:

Buying tampons

You don't have to be embarrassed. It is very unlikely that anyone in the business would think the tampons or pads are for you. Rather, the women around you will be excited that you are shopping for your girlfriend or wife.

What helps: Take a picture of the pack in the bathroom and use it to go shopping. But even if you buy the wrong ones: In an emergency, they will also be enough and the gesture saves everything.

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Bring her hot water bottle, blanket and tea

She doesn't simulate when she groans in pain and writhes like a jackknife. Menstrual cramps can get about as intense as the pain caused by a heart attack (quartz).

The uterus spasms because it has built up mucous membrane over three to four weeks to prepare for a possible pregnancy. If that doesn't happen, all the tissue has to go. And that has such wonderful effects as:

  • cramps
  • The feeling of being bloated
  • Constant urge to stool, although you don't have to

What helps: A hot water bottle, pot of tea, or a warm bath can help relieve cramps. If none of that works, get pain pills. There are extra remedies for menstrual pain, you will know at the pharmacy. Often, however, normal ibuprofen or aspirin do the same.

Don't freak out about blood stains

Perhaps the tampon is soaked up faster than you thought, or the sanitary napkin has slipped. And then there is some blood on the bed sheet or in your underpants. Disgust doesn't help. You don't have to expect a pool of blood either. A woman loses an average of 40 to 50 milliliters of blood per cycle.

What helps: Rinse under cold water and then put in the washing machine.

When the mood comes, listen and buy chocolate

Perhaps you've seen your girlfriend not find the key to your front door, for example, which turned into a nerve-wracking drama. It's not her fault. Even before the period, things go haywire in the body:

  • The amygdala (human brain mapping) is changing. This is the part of our brain that processes emotions. So it happens that women react more sensitively shortly before and sometimes even during menstruation.
  • Serotonin levels fall (Lancet). Among other things, the hormone regulates our mood and if there is too little of it, we become more anxious, more aggressive, sadder and hungrier (see 3.)

And these are just two examples, along with other changes. The consequences: tantrums, crying fits and irritability, sometimes out of nowhere. In addition, there are physical symptoms such as nausea, headaches or sleep disorders. What doesn't help: Every whim and every argument with "Wow, are you back on your days or what?" to comment.

What helps: Stay calm, ask questions, and show her that you take her seriously. And if you bring cake or chocolate with you ...

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Do you have any more good tips? Write us in the comments!

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