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as employer

Whether you're looking for an internship or a full-time opportunity, Picnic is the place for you. We give responsibility to self-starters and anyone who has the courage to leave their comfort zone. You bring an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to challenge yourself, and we'll put you on a steep learning curve with real responsibility.

From solving complex algorithmic challenges, building a distribution network,

to growing the Picnic fanbase - there’s space for diverse talent at Picnic. The team in Germany is still small, you can join when it really matters!

Qualifications sought

  • Exceptional talent in an area such as: analytics, engineering, marketing, business development, operations management and logistics
  • Passion and hands-on approach: You enjoy studying, but sitting in a lecture hall is never enough
  • Composure: Capacity to work under pressure and meet daily deadlines
  • Independence: You're mature enough to handle real responsibility
  • Mental athleticism: highly analytical and curious intellect
  • Energy: You make everyone around look sluggish, and you're always juggling tasks
  • Adventurous attitude: You're not looking for a conventional job but a ground-breaking opportunity