Swarley, how I found out about your mother's script

How I learned to empower myself

Once the pressure controls you, try to stay calm and breathe. You live on a planet that hovers in the universe and no matter how big your problem is and the pressure seems, make yourself aware that it does not last forever. Even if you fail, it won't be the end of the world, even if it feels like it sometimes.

Giving love instead of spreading hate

My motto, how you can assert yourself in the digital world, is: Be yourself! Social media is not always what it seems and the reality is mostly far from what we see. No matter how beautiful someone's best life looks - these people have problems like everyone else.

Of course, bullying and hatred on social media are sometimes also an issue, but no matter how bad the worst comment is: You know yourself and your worth best of all. Many people start to hate and offend when they feel envious. I think it is important to never be indifferent, to allow everyone everything and to be happy for others. It is so much nicer and better to give love than to spread hate. Empowerment is an important part of self-empowerment, because encouraging and supporting others - that also makes you strong yourself. Think about it.

Your Sarah