Szczechowski origin of the surname

Meaning of the surname Meyer / Meier / Mayer / Maier

Well-known name bearer Friedrich Wilhelm Franz Meyer - born on 1856 in Magdeburg - died on 1934 in Königsberg (East Prussia), German mathematician

The very widespread surname "Meyer" is in fifth place in the list of the surnames most frequently used in Germany. However, if you were to add the statistical numbers for the alternative "Meyer" spellings (e.g. Maier, Meier), you would get a third position on the list. There are three options for the meaning and origin of the family name Meyer, which must be checked in each individual case:

  1. Job name for mhd. mei (g) er = the "Meier, Oberbauer, who manages the property on behalf of the landlord, supervises the farm / property and, also in the sense of the landlord, exercises lower jurisdiction", "(large) farmer"; lat. major, Comparative of mâgnus = "The greater, more respected, superior". In the north we mostly find the spelling with -e-, as with Meyer / Meier. In the south, on the other hand, we encounter the spelling with more often -a-, as with Maier / Mayer. As with other, the widespread surnames, certain modifications and compositions develop to Meyer. These then provide information about the following details of the property:
    • Location of the farm / estate - Brinkmeier, Brinkmeyer ("Brink" - from the germ. brink "A slightly elevated point, a rim or a coast")
    • the main plant products - Barley Meier
    • the vegetation - Feichtmeier ("Feicht" = "spruce (s)")
    • the nature of the soil - Griesmaier ("Gries" from the ahd. grumpy for "sand, gravel")
    • Duties and obligations - Tegetmeier ("Teget" = "ten", corresponds to the submission of the "tithe")
  2. Job name to nd. meiger, meier "Mower, foreman"
  3. Character trait to hebr. meîr "Enlightened", Jewish family name