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Finn Hudson

Finn Christopher Hudson


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Finn Christopher Hudson was a graduate of William McKinley High School and a former member of the basketball team, New Directions, and McKinley Titans.

Finn was raised by his mother Carole Hudson, who marries Burt Hummel in season two, making Kurt his stepbrother.

At the beginning of the first season he was with Quinn Fabray and in the second season they got together again briefly. He was with Rachel Berry most of the time until they split up in season four.

Until his death he was the substitute director of New Directions and attended the University of Lima.

He was from until his death Cory Monteith shown. The role of Finn is not replaced.


Season one

Finn made his first appearance in overture. He is the quarterback for the football team at William McKinley High School. He's currently dating cheerleader Quinn Fabray, who is one of the most popular girls at the school. She is also the President of the Celibacy Club and is extremely religious. Finn was raised by his mother alone after his father was killed in the war when Finn was very young. His mother never really got over her loss, but had a brief relationship with a lawn man, Darren, who often came over to spray her lawn with green paint. This man had a great passion for music, which he passed on to young Finn. He ended the relationship by turning his attention to another woman. From that point on, Finn found it his job to make his mother proud and happy. This wish is used against him by Will, who is Finn, after seeing him in the shower Can't Fight This Feeling heard singing, slipped marijuana in and then blackmailed him into joining the Glee Club. Finn agrees, even though he'd never seen the marijuana, just so Will wouldn't tell his mother about it. His membership in the Glee Club does not make him particularly popular with his football colleagues. When Puck asks why he wasn't at football practice, Finn claims his mother's prostate had been removed and he had to help her around the house. He's there when the Glee Kids watch Vocal Adrenaline rehearse, and before that, he spoke to Rachel. Rachel thinks that Finn is talented and suspects that now everyone is expecting them to become a couple.

Finn replies that he's already dating Quinn Fabray. The next day, Finn is shot down with paintballs by the football players after Puck found out that women do not have a prostate. When Will leaves the Glee Club, Finn is rather happy because he no longer has to endure the gossip of the others. The next day, Finn meets Rachel, who asks him why he wasn't at the glover rehearsals today. Finn replies that he thought the glee club was going to be disbanded, but Rachel explains that she is now running the glee club. Quinn and Santana drop by and ask Finn why he's talking to Rachel. She lies and says it's about a science project. The football team gets Finn to knock down a mobile toilet in which Artie is trapped, but he frees him and returns to the Glee Club, which he now visits in addition to the football team. While he is taking Artie to rehearsals, Finn sees Darren watering the football field while listening to the song Don't Stop Believin ' sings. Finn apologizes to the Glee Kids and suggests they sing Don't Stop Believin '.

In Beyond Gut and Sue Finn like the other Glee Kids is not very enthusiastic about the song "Le Freak". At Gold digger helps Will Finn dance. A little later Rachel and Finn are brought by Sue to Director Figgins' office, because they both used the printer that only the cheerleaders are allowed to use. But Will clarifies the matter with the fact that the two of them have to pay for the sheets - advertising for the Glee Club - and will not distribute them either. Rachel asks him if they should meet after school, but Finn says he has to go to the Celibacy Club. Finn is in the Celibacy Club just for Quinn's sake. He forms a team with Quinn, but they burst the balloon that they had to hold between them. Finn says he must have got hold of his zipper. He is very impressed with Rachel's talk on celibacy. Later he also sings in front of the entire student body Push it With. Finn rehearses with Rachel in the auditorium. At a romantic picnic, Finn admits to Rachel that he used to think she was crazy, but when he first heard her sing something touched his heart. He also says he thinks she is cool and Rachel replies that if he wants he can kiss her now. Finn kisses Rachel, but when he realizes what he's been doing, he rushes out of the room.

In Acafellashe blames Rachel for preventing Will from attending rehearsals. Plus, everyone but him wants Dakota Stanley to choreograph, and Finn threatens Rachel that he'll quit if Dakota comes. He later joins the Acafellas and sings I wanna sex you up With. He is later insulted by Dakota because of his size. It is also revealed that Kurt is in love with Finn because he tells Mercedes that he is in love with someone while watching Finn.

In Children of lies Kurt asks Finn if he could ask him something. Finn replies that if he is looking for someone to accompany him to the school ball, he's already taken. Kurt explains that he wants to become a kicker on the football team and Finn takes him to the next training session, but just in time can prevent Kurt from performing his songs off the field. Finn later persuades Will to give the football players dance lessons because it has already worked well for the Acafellas. When Finn runs towards Quinn in the hallway, she runs away from him, but finally she admits that she is pregnant - and who could the father be but Finn? Finn is confused because he could never remember sleeping with Quinn. Quinn reminds him that they snuggled in a hot tub a month ago and that even if they wore bathing suits, they must have become pregnant. Then Finn goes to Will and howls at him because he doesn't dare to tell his mother. He tells Will that he doesn't want to end up like all the kids who have babies in high school. After the dance class, Puck asks Finn why he's always so absent today. Finn doesn't want to tell him at first, but eventually tells him that Quinn is pregnant. What he doesn't know is that Puck is really the father. Finn later gives Quinn his baby doily without ever crying before.

In April April he sings Don't Stop Believin 'with Quinn, but she gets sick and Finn tries to find an excuse why Quinn is bad. Emma calls Finn over because Will has confided the secret to her. She confides in Finn that if he gets successful with Glee, Finn would be more likely to get a scholarship. At least that's more likely than getting one through sport. It can be done without Rachel, but she also makes it clear to him that he can try to get her back. Therefore, Finn later offers Rachel to help her with text practice. Rachel is visibly jealous when he has to practice with April and she later mentions that she thinks he is hot. In the afternoon, Finn and Rachel go bowling together. Finn tries to teach her, but Rachel misses. Finn and Rachel eat pizza until Rachel finishes bowling with Finn's help. Finn persuades Rachel to come back to the Glee Club and Rachel finally gives in. The two kiss for the second time. Finn is back with Emma and happy that college and music scholarship will probably work out, and not end up like all the other people who have kids in high school. In the hallway, the angry Rachel runs towards him, who has found out that Quinn is pregnant, and accuses him of only trying to get her back to the Glee Club so that it works with his success and not because of her talent. Finn doesn't know what to say, except that he wants to earn enough money for his family later on.

In Excited organisms Finn is overtired from all the glee club and football training, plus the stress of being a father with Quinn and the fact that he feels more and more attracted to Rachel. He keeps falling asleep and therefore goes to the school nurse, who is Terri and of course knows that he will be the father of Quinn's baby, and gives him vitamin D tablets. Finn is crazy and shares this with the other guys. At the end of the episode, Rachel and Rachel both admit that they took the vitamin D tablets.

In Spoilers games Quinn has an ultrasound and learns that her baby is a girl. Quinn remains committed to putting the child up for adoption, though Finn isn't entirely happy with the situation as it seems like his opinion doesn't matter, and Rachel tells him she was able to stop Jacob from doing so on his blog about Quinns Pregnancy and he is grateful to her. He's in Will's group and has the male solo in No air. In the end, he comforts Quinn, since everyone in school now knows about her pregnancy.

In Remix Finn gets a slushie shower from the hockey player David Karofsky, who explains to him and Quinn straight away that they have moved way down the ranking since they joined Glee. When Puck sings "Sweet Caroline" for Rachel, he looks jealous. During football training, the others don't really want to listen to him anymore and Ken postpones the training to exactly the same time as the glee rehearsals, thus giving Finn the difficult choice. Finn and Quinn are now wearing sunglasses and think they're cool again. But finally several football players gather and give them a huge slushie shower. They threaten that if Finn doesn't show up for practice during glee rehearsals, things will get worse. In the end, Finn is the only one of the football players at the Glee Club to choose football. The next day, Finn finds it hard to tip a slushie in Kurt's face, even if his teammates beat him up when he doesn't. Kurt finally pours the slushie on himself and asks if any of the football players would ever do something like that for him. Will walks up to Finn and the two of them toss the football to talk to each other. Finn makes it clear that he won't be coming back to Glee. Will asks him why he is letting people he won't know in a few years' time make his decisions and tells him that of all the Glee Kids he reminds him the most of himself. Finn goes to Ken to tell him that he no longer wants to choose between glee and football and that he has a hard time running the team under these conditions. Ken then cancels the new samples. He later brings the Glee Kids slushies to apologize.

In Fear and blame Quinn watches the Cheerios train. Finn sits down next to her and asks if it doesn't hurt to watch the others train. Quinn then mentions that the medical expenses for the ultrasound are due. Finn doesn't get a job anywhere and therefore doesn't know where to get the money from. He sits with Puck, Santana and Tina selling the cake and later starts a fight with Puck about Quinn. Rachel and Finn are in the music room as Finn helps her fix her wheelchair. Rachel says Kurt will definitely get the solo because no one likes her. Finn says she needs to work on it, but also says he likes her and wishes her good luck before she sings Defying Gravity. He later finds a job and makes Quinn happy with it. Finn was on a job with Rachel and Finn was in a wheelchair, which was part of the plan that Rachel said they had to give Finn the job because he was in a wheelchair and she had homosexual parents and she would otherwise sue the company if Finn doesn't get the job because they are misanthropic. Finn hides this, but Quinn only says that he would have to sit in a wheelchair for his new job.