How to put dog in ruffit backpack

A dog backpack for all skins

At first glance you don't see it directly at Jule, but with her 13 years she is now an elderly lady. It is understandable that long hiking tours are much more strenuous than our youngster Merle.

Only recently it happened on Pelion that Jule decided to turn around in between. Thanks to Steve's sporty streak, we were able to catch up with her and keep her from going back to the bus.

Nevertheless, she should of course be allowed to be there and not have to wait for us in the motorhome. But what do we do on long hikes where at some point they simply knock you out? is? After all, I can't pull a handcart behind me. “A backpack would be useful for situations like this,” I think to myself.

So I looked for it and found one: the DogCarrier. You can find out what it can do and how it works in this post.

A dog backpack for all cases and skins

When I saw this dog carrier * for the first time, I had to smile a bit. The pictures of the four-legged friends being carried look just too funny. But the product description made me curious and sounds quite reasonable. So I order one and have it delivered to me in Greece.

The first impression is very positive.
What has been described applies in every respect.

  • The material is stable and sewn very well.
  • The important areas are padded and feel comfortable.

The dog carrier is available for very small dogs from 3 kg to very large dogs weighing up to 30 kg. However, whether you can or want to carry a 30 kg dog for a longer period depends on your constitution. I wouldn't get 5 meters ...

By the way, you can use the dog carrier not only for hiking, but also for bike tours or other activities.

The practical test

Now comes the exciting question: what will Jule say about it?

She doesn't like being picked up and carried at all. So I'm all the more skeptical as to whether she'll feel comfortable in the backpack.

During the first few practice meters, the lack of enthusiasm is written all over her face, but Steve continues to walk with her calmly. A short time later, she actually relaxes and seems to be enjoying it.

And because we're in the mood to try things out, Merle is also allowed to test the dog carrier. In contrast to Jule, Merle is a total carrier dog.

She loves jumping into Steve or me and being carried around like a baby. So it doesn't surprise me that she immediately feels at home in a dog backpack.

However, I can't help but laugh at the first sight of the two. It looks funny how they swing there in front of them. But that's not what matters in the end. Much more important is that this dog backpack is really practical - for the dog and for the owner.

I too would like to get an impression of what it feels like to have a dog on your back. When hiking or climbing, we have another backpack with us with food, drinks and equipment. I will either take it over in the future or wear Jule.

But that only makes sense if I can move with it and don't tip backwards out of my pines. Jule weighs 15 kg and I find that this weight is my limit, if I want to move about easily.

But the backpack itself is very comfortable and feels good. Both Jule and Merle seem to enjoy bobbing. Both behave calmly and make a satisfied impression.

The dog carrier is only suitable for dogs that have neither problems with the intervertebral discs nor spondylosis. If in doubt, you should ask your vet beforehand.

To get your dog used to the dog carrier, you should proceed in small steps. With Jule and Merle I know exactly how far I can go while practicing and recognize their stress signals immediately. So it is better to give yourself a little too much time than too little.

My conclusion on the dog carrier

Both the workmanship and the comfort for humans and dogs have convinced me of this dog backpack. I personally couldn't carry a dog heavier than 15 kg, but I think it's great for all four-legged friends up to this weight class! So we can continue to do extensive hiking tours and Jule can take care of her tired legs when she no longer feels like walking.

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