Asus 9600 gt 1 gb how many mb

Nvidia 9600 gt 1gb or 512mb?

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and the 9600 gt isn't that bad ?! and the 6450 is a little bit witer down ?!

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It always depends on the test field, the software and the requirements:
9600GT = 80th place
ATI 6570 = 68th place

The 9600GT cannot do DirectX11 at all. If you do a test with a corresponding benchmark, the card is out.
The 9600GT, for example, needs a lot of raw power to play H.264 FullHD films, as it only emulates parts of it via driver software (DXVA),
newer cards can do this much better.
A 8800GTX would be a lot faster, I just disposed of two functional ones because they used up 240 watts and nobody wanted them anymore.

You wrote that you don't want to gamble.
With the 9600GT you build in a power-guzzling (former) gamer card, whose potential you will never exhaust, but for keeping this card you will then be able to pay the electricity costs all the time.
Buy something with less power and less power consumption.
Or use the onboard graphics if available.