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SMS or WhatsApp?

Most of the communication between us nowadays takes place electronically. Depending on the messenger service, we spend an average of 8 to 50 minutes a day messaging. That makes these services one of the most promising channels (not only) for customer service in dealerships. As a car dealership, you are faced with the question of which messenger should be used for support. SMS or WhatsApp?

Messaging, whether via SMS (Short Message Service) or messenger app (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Telegram), has overtaken telephone and e-mail as the primary medium in private communication. Many people prefer to text short messages rather than make a phone call. Around 25 percent of younger people do not use their smartphones to make calls. Nowadays almost every one of us has a smartphone and we check several times a day to see if we have any new messages. There is hardly anyone left who does not use WhatsApp. On average, more than 60 billion messages are sent via WhatsApp - every day! WhatsApp has long since replaced the classic SMS. With 58 million German users, WhatsApp is the most important means of communication in our private lives today.

The advantages of WhatsApp and Co. for private communication are manifold:

Group chats are also possible with WhatsApp.
Compared to SMS, the popular messenger service is completely free.
WhatsApp can be used not only to send texts - but also pictures, videos and voice messages.
With WhatsApp you can make phone calls and share video transmissions with your chat partner in real time.
WhatsApp users can spice up their messages with colorful emojis.

The short message service SMS, on the other hand, has been losing importance for some time. In 2018, "only" 8.9 billion text messages were sent in Germany. In private communication, messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger have largely replaced SMS. The good old SMS is considered out of date.

This may also partially apply to the private sector. But the business sector should take a closer look at the SMS and not turn a blind eye to the advantages of the SMS. Because the relationship between customers and companies is different from that between friends. The SMS also offer great potential in the future to retain customers over the long term and to build relationships.

The SMS, which is often said to be dead, has an open rate of almost 100 percent, reliable delivery and a good reputation. Even in times of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - for example compared to WhatsApp - the SMS offers many advantages. According to the German industry association Bitkom, 95 percent of SMS are read within 90 seconds of receipt. Since they receive an SMS less often, customers pay more attention to an incoming message via SMS. A survey by the Federal Statistical Office showed that, compared to other communication channels, a large proportion of those questioned accept marketing messages via SMS, especially when it comes to customer service messages or special offers. We all know the secure TAN for our banking transactions or for two-way identification. An SMS is therefore more important to us than a WhatsApp message.

The acceptance of messages via SMS offers the best conditions for long-term and successful customer communication and marketing strategy. SMS in customer communication has the same advantages as WhatsApp, but also has some special features that are particularly important in the automotive sector:

Is already available on all mobile phones.
Works on all cell phones.
Works independently of the Internet.
SMS are much more trustworthy.
Does not require an app download.
It is now free in most mobile phone contracts.
Due to its variable interface design, the SMS can be easily integrated into automotive-specific applications of existing communication platforms.

The receiver does not need an internet connection or a smartphone. Even older generation cell phones can receive SMS. Companies can therefore be sure that they can actually reach every customer in almost real time. The use of SMS is very simple, requires no special knowledge and no software installation.

SMS in the automotive sector can be used in a variety of ways. Remind your customers in good time about a service appointment or a test drive. Send your customers an SMS that their vehicle is ready for collection. Use SMS as a support channel for your customers. The good old text messages offer more potential than it might seem at first glance. Competitions, voting, special offers or exclusive SMS vouchers increase customer loyalty. Send out customer satisfaction surveys and receive direct feedback over the phone. One topic that at least car dealerships have dealt with so far is SMS campaigns. When used in a targeted manner, they have enormous sales potential.

The communication channel SMS has a good image and for many people the following applies: If something is important, send an SMS.
"Merry Christmas" was the message of the first short message sent via the short messaging service in 1992. Today you can use SMS for your brand message and set up a channel that gives you a direct line to the customer.