How to make a stole and palla

Knitting a stole - instructions

A stole is an elegant and feminine accessory that goes just as well with an evening dress as it does with a summer top. And since no special patterns are necessary with the following instructions, even as a beginner you can knit a stole yourself and thus complete your outfit individually.

What you need:

  • about 250 g fine wool (cashmere or angora)
  • about 200 g of fancy yarn
  • Knitting needles of suitable size

Knit a warm stole

A stole, elegantly wrapped around the shoulder, is a noble and timeless accessory. If you knit your stole yourself and choose fine wool for it, you will also flatter your skin and keep yourself warm in style. If you choose cashmere, angora or another particularly fine and soft wool, you don't have to knit any fancy patterns into your stole - the noble look of the wool alone is an elegant eye-catcher.

  1. With the dimensions 45 x 200 cm you have a generously dimensioned stole that can be worn in numerous ways. Refer to the information on the banderole for the number of stitches to be picked up. To be on the safe side, you can also do a mesh sample.
  2. Now pick up the stitches and make sure to knit loosely. This way, your stole will not warp or bulge unpleasantly later.
  3. On the first and each subsequent row, take the first stitch without knitting it. This will prevent the edges of your stole from curling up later. Only knit right stitches in the first row.
  4. In the second row, knit purl stitches only.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until your stole is the length you want.
  6. Chain off the stitches by knitting two stitches together.
  7. Cut the wool thread, knot and tie it as inconspicuously as possible.
  8. After knitting, decorate your stole with small pearls or rhinestones, which you sew onto the stole as a pattern or in a simple row. A matching clasp or brooch is suitable as a clasp.

A light stole for the summer

If you want to knit a stole that doesn't warm, but simply rounds off the outfit, use fancy yarns. Choose a light and soft fancy yarn with metallic threads or a subtle sheen, such as ladder yarn - so you don't have to learn elaborate knitting patterns to create an eye-catcher even with the summery stole.

  1. For a stole with the dimensions 45 x 200 cm you need at least 200 g or 600 m of thread, depending on the type. Refer to the information on the banderole for the number of stitches or make a stitch sample. With a narrow ladder thread, you take on about 80 stitches.
  2. If you use two knitting needles of different strengths, a loose and wavy pattern is created by itself when knitting. The greater the difference in needle size, the more noticeable the pattern will be.
  3. For a very simple and subtle pattern on your stole, knit only right stitches in every row from the right and only purl stitches in every back row.
  4. When your stole is the right length, cast off the stitches.
  5. Knot the thread and knot it inconspicuously.
  6. As a special eye-catcher, you can decorate the edges of the stole with fringes, pearls or sequins after knitting. A clasp or brooch is also ideal here as a variable clasp.

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