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Search Instagram effects and filters: is that possible?

Is there a search for effects and filters on Instagram? How can you search and find the new AR filters? This question may be asked by one or the other Instagram user who has discovered the new AR or face filters such as the currently very popular Disney filter in the story of another user. We have put together a brief summary of what is possible here and whether there is already a keyword search for the filters.

Instagram: can you search for filters and effects?

For a few months now, Instagram has not only had the "official" filters, but also filters from companies and other creators. Whether it is an official filter or effect can be seen under the name at the top of the screen when playing. Here the filter is displayed with a link to the creator and you can try out and apply the effect yourself via the profile. Alternatively, you can also follow people with filters, which are then automatically displayed in the filter or effect selection. Since there are now a lot of different effects and filters, the question naturally arises, how can you search for them and is there an overview somewhere where you can see all effects and filters?

Open the effect gallery and search for effects

The short answer is, yes you can browse through the effects in the so-called effects gallery, but there is still no real search that can be used to display effects and filters for a specific keyword, for example. You can easily open the effects gallery using the following steps.

  1. First of all, of course, you have to start the Instagram app and switch to story mode.
  2. Then select a filter below and then tap on the small arrow down symbol (to the right of the filter name).
  3. Not only can you save the effect, you can also “browse through the effects”. Then the effects gallery opens, where you can again see different effects and try them out.

As mentioned above, there is currently no search here. It will probably only be a matter of time before you can search for filters and effects on Instagram. If something changes on the topic, we will of course add the information here.