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Over the rainbow

The current "Word for Sunday" from the Rundschau:

He sits down at the grand piano and plays the classic "Somewhere over the rainbow". As always. Not quite.

"Somewhere over the rainbow" is sometimes very close, like here over Beuel am Rhein (Photo: J. Gerhardt)

Keith Jarrett, arguably the greatest jazz pianist of our time, had seen the terrorist attack in Nice at close range days before, killing more than 80. He seems serious that evening, especially thoughtful - and then this song about the biblical promise of happiness and the dream of an ideal world. About the rainbow that God gave to Noah and his ark as a sign of life after the flood.

Munich 2016. The recording of this extraordinary piano concerto has only just been released. "Somewhere over the rainbow". The piece sounds with an almost defiant intensity: we don't want to leave our world to those who destroy it.


Jerusalem 1942. In Europe the Jews die, disenfranchised, dehumanized, gassed by the National Socialist mass murder. World War II is raging. In Israel, the conflict between religions is intensifying. The scholar Shalom Ben-Chorin, inspired by a blossoming tree in front of his window and words from the Bible by the prophet Jeremiah, writes the tender poem “Friends, that the almond branch blossoms again and is not a clue that love remains. “Naive poetry? No. Undaunted words of hope: “That life did not go by, no matter how much blood screams, it does not ignore this in the darkest time.” The text can be found as a song in the evangelical hymn book.


Don't you have to despair of the world? today is the day of remembrance of the Reichspogromnacht 1938. The attack on the synagogue in Halle was just a month ago. Is there never an end to terror and violence?

There are many reasons to despair. But when I hear songs and lyrics about the rainbow and the almond tree, then I feel: Life goes on! And I can contribute something, even if I only hum along softly at first.
Joachim Gerhardt

Kölnische / Bonner Rundschau

Joachim Gerhardt, Pastor at Bonn's Luther Church and press spokesman for the Bonn church district, writes the "Word for Sunday" in the complete edition of the Cologne / Bonner Rundschau, on page 4 in the major daily newspaper in the Cologne / Bonn region. Find out more here:



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